meet the founder


Creature Leather is a one man operation based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The goal is to design and create quality products that are made from ethically sourced materials. 

It began in 2013 in a country home located in Lockport, Manitoba. The vision at the time was simple, to make quality wallets exclusively for friends and family.. Later that year I made the move out to Saskatoon, where I started to grow and develop the brand. Each and every piece is made by hand. From sourcing, to cutting, burnishing, sewing and completing every product. I am always pursuing excellence in my work and will never let a product leave the door if I am unhappy with it in any way. 

I am very appreciative and humbled by the support Creature Leather has received so far, and I am excited to continue the journey.

Thank you,


Brad Kimball